Christian Lollike

The wonder – the re-mohammed-ty show

10May2005 – 21May2005

Text and direction
Christian Lollike
Idea and concept
Christian Lollike and Solveig Gade
Set Design
Claus Helbo
Odsherred Teater

The terrorist attack on WTC in 2001 was the greatest and most ultimate work of art at any time. This quote by Karlheinz Stockhausen is the starting point of this play. A choir consisting of four rootless youngsters discuss this piece of art a.k.a. 9/11, and the subsequent reactions of the western world. This is a sharp, analytic critique of civilization with hair raising descriptions of terror and references to happenings and Hollywood-pictures; a play about terror and faith, without romanticising terrorism. It questions whether or not the western world creates the terrorists itself.

In addition the text was produced for Denmark’s Radio Drama in 2005.