Christian Lollike

Grace was here

28Apr2007 – 19May2007

Mads Madsen, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Christian Lollike
Christian Lollike
Set Design
Marco Everistti

Based on Dogville by Lars von Trier, the play examines and expands some of the questions raised in this film. Issues that confront one of the fundamental values in our society: Forgiveness. This is no attempt to milk the success of the film. Instead, Lollike has created a kind of surreal court room drama where the gangster daughter Grace who is now much more active, is in a kind of lab, attempting to understand the consistence and unconditional forgiveness which devastated an entire society. How do we feel about forgiveness in a society constantly discussing harder punishments?

By putting anonymous labels (A, B and C) on the characters, they appear to represent various values, rather than actual persons. The dialogue therefore appears as a kind of montage in which the various viewpoints and attitudes come into dialogue.