Christian Lollike

Manifesto 2083

15Oct2012 –


Christian Lollike and Olaf Højgaard
Text and direction
Christian Lollike
Text development
Christian Lollike, Olaf Højgaard and Tanja Diers
Tanja Diers
Lighting Design
Morten Kolbak
Co-production between
CaféTeatret and Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo, Norway

The monologue is based on text material by Christian Lollike and extracts from Anders Behring Breivik’s Manifesto 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. The play examines Anders Breivik’s self-image and view on society and it paints a portrait of a new type of political right wing radicalism. As a political trend the radical right is growing and spreading all over Europe. How do we look upon Anders Breivik’s actions and how do we understand his words?

On the basis of his manifesto the play examines why and how a seemingly well-functioning young Norwegian man could turn himself into one of the most deviating mass murderers and right-wing extremist of our time.