Christian Lollike

All My Dreams Come True


Text and direction
Christian Lollike
Text fragments
Jens Christian Lauenstein Led
Set Design
Rufus Didwiszus
Costume Design
Ulrike Gutbrod
Tanja Diers
Sort/Hvid, Aarhus Teater, and Aarhus Festuge

Two people are depressed. They are tired of the everyday life, of therapy, of Disney and its idealized, physical stereotypes – of Financial Crisis and politicians’ ongoing focus on growth. They long for real fairytales about life and death, about fighting for your beliefs and about that THING. They blame Disney for its sterilized fantasy and lack of imagination. In search for new dreams and fairytales they decide to make their own Disney Drama where all dreams can come true. They decide to call it: All My Dreams Come True.

22.05.2015 KELLERTHEATER WINTERTHUR, Winterthur (CH)
27.05.2014 FESTSPILLENE I BERGEN, Bergen (NO)
15.05.2014 STAATSSCHAUSSPIL, Dresden (DE)
11.06.2014, CPH STAGE 2014, Copenhagen (DK)
31.08.2013, AARHUS TEATER, Aarhus (DK)