Christian Lollike

Revolution (DK)

5September2018- 29September2018

Christian Lollike
Christian Lollike and Sigrid Johannesen
Scenography and costumes
Franciska Zahle
Jacob Madsen Kvols, Marie Marschner, Kjartan Hansen, Rikke Lylloff, Olivia Grubb Henningsen, Ella Rigmor Rønne Rosén, Rigmor From Lollike Og Martha Lanken Thesbøl
Music and chorus master
Niels Søren Hansen
Lightning design
Anders Kjems
Sound design
Ise Klysner Kjems

There is a financial crisis, an economical crisis, a political crisis, a value crisis, a population crisis, a refugee crisis, an energy crisis, a climate crisis. We are living in a time of crisis.

REVOLUTION is a grotesque crisis sitcom set in an IKEA-world. Four people are trying to create a revolution. Yet, non of them can tell exactly how the revolution is going to turn out. Not even the revolution itself knows. Based on text by marxist art historian Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen Christian Lollike examines whether the time is ripe to define and create a new reality.

The performance is a collaboration between SORT/HVID and Aarhus Teater.