Christian Lollike

The History of the Future

11Sep2009 – 23Oct2009

text and direction
Christian Lollike
Set Design
Palle Steen Christensen
The Royal Danish Theatre in association with Goethe Instituttet

“The whole world is being played out today in our own country, in our own town, in our consciousness.”

In his dense, breathless text, Christian Lollike traces the cynical attitude of an irreverent spectacle-hungry world. Five actresses create/claim/recount and act out the world as they see it. In quick succession, they jump into the required characters and situations and work with a fascinating montage of theoretical treatises, journalistic reportages, philosophical discourses, advertising slogans, and film quotes. Thematically topical, with black humor and a fine use of language, this play casts a spotlight on the assemblage of art, life, poverty, wealth, East and West, multiculturalism, belief, and terror. Continuous interchange between epic and dramatic phases dynamise the constantly surprising events as they unfold. Using themselves as subjects, the actors test out the unfamiliar feeling of empathy with the victims and perpetrators by re-enacting real disasters from the East and West as well as clichés of a cynical consumerist party generation which is only pursuing events as close to life as possible – in order to at least feel something?

Extract of text by Jens Groß, translated from the German by Alexander Suckrow.