Christian Lollike

The Meat Carousel

01May2009 – 30May2009

TExt and direction
Christian Lollike
Set Design
Sidse Jørgensen
Jakob Kosteljanetz and Hans Hansen

The Meat Carousel leads us into the universe of prostitutes and introduces us to a world, about which most people have an opinion, but only the few have actual knowledge. In a blend of adventure and harsh realism, five prostitutes – an old whore, a young novice, a playboy, a rent boy, and a transsexual – tell us about their everyday lives, upbringing and lovers. They tell us how they satisfy their customers, about their mutual competition, their solidarity and hopes, and last but not least the price many have pay for selling their bodies.

Large parts of the text are based interviews with practitioners of this trade called sex industry or prostitution. A minimum of five actors (four females and one male) play these five sex workers and their various customers.