Christian Lollike

The Vampire Revolution

25November2017 – 10February2018

Christian Lollike and Tim Matiakis
Direction and choreography
Christian Lollike and Tim Matiakis
Christian Lollike in collaboration with the team
Scenography and costume design
Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
Hazuki Kojima, Nastia Ivanova, Zoé Bernabéu, Alexander Stæger, Pierre Piton og Marco Herløv Høst
Lighting design
Morten Kolbak
Video design
Søren Knud

We don’t believe that climate change, overpopulation and consumerism can continue
We can´t continue screaming MORE, LOUDER, FASTER, GROWTH, GROWTH, GROWTH
We believe that we must create a radical change. An awakening
We believe in a fundamental change in system. That revolt is necessary

THE VAMPIRE REVOLUTION is a revolution, a revolt where violence becomes part of the solution and democratic rules are set out of order. Created by Sort/Hvid and Corpus and based on a story of rebellious youth and corny vampires, THE VAMPIRE REVOLUTION is an examination of how revolution is possible at all and if the uprising has just become a cliché that has lost its power. Sucked dry and spit out as empty mainstream.

THE VAMPIRE REVOLTION is a co-production between Aarhus Teater, Sort/Hvid and The Royal Ballet’s new dance-company Corpus led by Tim Matiakis. Previous performances by director Christian Lollike and choreographer Tim Matiakis are the renowned I FØLING about Danish Afghanistan-veterans and UROPA about fugitives and the asylum crisis.