Christian Lollike


2February2018 – 14April2018

Christian Lollike
Runar Hodne
Scenography and costume design
Franciska Zahle
Mette Døssing, Inge Sofie Skovbo, Nanna Bøttcher, Bue Wandahl, Kim Veisgaard and Kjartan Hansen etc.
Lightning design
Anders Kjems
Sound design
Kim Engelbredt

THE HOSPITAL. A docu farce by Christian Lollike. 

Strange things are suddenly happening at the hospital. Hospital attendants pick up the wrong patients, nurses give enema to people who are in for x-rays, doctors serve news about deadly diseases as if they were talking about dinner.

The hospital is going down and in the midst, nurse Una is torn between her own vows and efficiency. She knows that someday it will happen. The patients will rise, they will throw food out of the windows, strip themselves of ECG-electrodes and wander around in the streets, naked. Some of them will die and it will look horrific. The revolution will come.

THE HOSPITAL is a co-production between Aarhus Teater and Sort/Hvid.