Christian Lollike

Very Rich Angels

7Juni 2024

Christian Lollike
Stage Design & Costumes
Katrin Bombe
Madame Nielsen and Jacob Suske
Tobias Schuster

By Christian Lollike and Madame Nielsen

Three multi-billionaires meet in a bar. What sounds like the beginning of a joke is the starting point for a scurrilous and, at the same time, melancholic musical comedy set between Silicon Valley and Mars, written and composed by the Danish multidisciplinary artist Madame Nielsen.

Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg encounter each other by chance in a nightclub. They have money, lots of money, but they feel bad because things are not going well for so many people around the globe. With conflicting ideas about how to save the world, they set off instead for the stars to finally create a perfect world out of red dust. A satirical musical trip about the worries and dreams of the super-rich.

With a psychedelic sound halfway between David Bowie and Tom Waits, and an atmosphere bouncing between Stanley Kubrick and Monty Python, “Very Rich Angels” is the first theatrical production developed for the German-speaking world by celebrated Danish director Christian Lollike and Madame Nielsen, whose novels including “The Endless Summer”, “The Monster” and “Lamento” are also bestsellers in Germany. Beware of the Angels! Follow them to Mars!

* Photo by Lotte Thor