Christian Lollike

Don Juan

4Aug2019 - 17Aug2019

Christian Lollike
Music concept and concert master
Mads Brauer
Set design and costume design
Ida Grarup and David Gehrt
Olaf Højgaard
Nila Parly
Margaux de Valensart, Morten Grove Frandsen, Clara Thomsen, Nicolai Elsberg, Olaf Højgaard, Anne-Marie Curry, Cecilia Gosilla, Michiel Tange van Leeuwen and Ylva Maia Havndrup
Fei Nie, Ying-Hsueh Chen and Julie holmegaard Schade
Props and hats
Anna Ladas
Stine Skovgaard
Jannie de Vitt
Sandra Møller Svendsen
Light design
Morten Kolbak
Sound design
Asger Kudahl
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Lorenzo da Ponte
Orchestra recording
Czech National Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Oliver von Dohnányi

Sort/Hvid and CPH Opera Festival are squeezing every drop of cruelty out of Mozart’s Don Giovanni in a reinterpretation of DON JUAN.

DON JUAN is dead and his funeral procession includes seduced, abandoned and raped women who have come to sing their songs about desire, destruction, horniness, love, jealousy and longing.

Director Christian Lollike and composer Mads Brauer created the prise-winning opera LEAVES. Now they have set their sights on the opera of all operas. In corporation with the set design duo Ida Grarup and David Gerth they are transforming Sort/Hvid into a haunted night club. As alcohol flows, horny ghosts appear to the sound of Mozart’s immortal music in Brauer’s reinterpretation. Get under the skin of the intoxication, the after life and the music.

DON JUAN is a co-production between Sort/Hvid and CPH Opera Festival. The performance premiers as part of the festival in august 2019.

Fotos by Emilia Therese