Christian Lollike

Black Madonna

27April2018 – 19May2018

Idea and concept
Madame Nielsen and Christian Lollike
Madame Nielsen
Simon Toldam
Christian Lollike
Ida Marie Ellekilde
Madame Nielsen and Simon Toldam
Sofie Amalie Klougart

On stage is a woman. She paints her face black. Since she was a little girl, she has always known that she was someone other than the person she was born as.

She dyes her hair black and curls it. She travels to the USA and begins her life as a black woman. She gets involved in the black fight for freedom, becomes the spokes person of a black human rights organization and falls in love with a Black Panther.

Black Madonna is a vision of the future. A woman slowly changes her race. In the transition she tells us her life story mixed with songs about race war, race lust and race fear. A personal story inspired by reality. Told in a world where questions about race take up a more and more crucial part in public debate.