Christian Lollike

Black Madonna

27April2018 – 19May2018

Idea and concept
Madame Nielsen and Christian Lollike
Madame Nielsen
Simon Toldam
Christian Lollike
Ida Marie Ellekilde
Madame Nielsen and Simon Toldam
Sofie Amalie Klougart

’God is white, but God is dead. The future is BLACK.’

The white man is standing on the beach, he watches the horizon turn black with people on their way crossing the ocean. (A beautiful, a seductive, a frightening sight). The white man is afraid. (The white man becomes horny). The white man does no longer want to be white. (White is death. Black is life). The white man wants to become black. He evolves into Beyoncé and begins to sing. It works! She becomes Martin Luther King and speaks to the world. It gets bigger. He evolves into The Black Madonna. She becomes a saint, a prostitute, a celebrity and stars in her own show. In your city. At Sort/Hvid.