Christian Lollike

Living Dead

30September2016 - 22November2016

Özlem Saglanmak, Morten Burian, Maria Rich, Mogens Dahl Chamber Choir
Text and direction
Christian Lollike
Marie Rosendahl Chemnitz
Text fragments
Mads Madsen, Tanja Diers
Lighting Design
Morten Kolbak
Sound Design
Jes Theede
Tanja Diers
Mogens Dahl
Director's Assistant
Sigrid Johannesen
Rumle Skafte
Support from
The Bikuben Foundation
Co-production between
Sort/Hvid, Aarhus Theatre

Now they are here, the refugees have reached your town. A stream of zombies who have taken the concern to Europe, and that no one can control. Humanism will fall – do we need to fight or flee?

Black phantom souls travel to Europe as a destructive and frothing mass. They do not look back and are completely famished, as living dead. When they arrive, they are placed in large refugee camps, where they can hatch out their mentally ravaged offspring that has no other future than theft, crime and violence. Our only hope is that the Mediterranean swallow them. Which other options do we have?

LIVING DEAD is a horror performance about three people who are trying to keep calm in our time’s greatest refugee crisis. A nightmarish travesty of our fear of the unknown and the loss of own cultural values.

The performance is the first work in a new, 3-year partnership between Aarhus Theatre and Sort/Hvid.

03.11.2016-22.11.2016 COPENHAGEN
30.09.2016-29.10.2016 AARHUS